If your company wants to grow on-line sales and reinforce brick-and-mortar presence at the same time, but things like search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, optimizing listings, enforcing Minimum Acceptable Pricing (MAP), understanding Terms of Service (TOS) and such make your head spin, we are here to help. We understand that stuff. We even enjoy doing it! We know that your products are great and that you’re really good at making them. The way we see it, if we both do what we’re best at, we have the makings of a terrific partnership.

We are not a giant company, so when we pick a product that we want to represent, it is a big deal to us. You see, our customers are not just numbers. We know many of them personally. We choose products that both we and they can get excited about. We do our darnedest to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are firmly in place. So we track down the search terms people use most to find your products on-line and incorporate those in our listings. Then we make sure that the descriptions are easy to understand but have the right words and phrases to stand out and get great placement in searches. We get clear, sharp pictures so potential customers can’t wait to buy your products. And, of course, we know and follow the rules to keep everyone out of trouble and you and us in the best selling position.

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When you value your product, you don’t want people selling it for cheap prices. That ruins the market value and profits dwindle. That is why MAP is in place, Unfortunately, sometimes vendors will violate MAP terms just to make a sale. It is hard to keep any eye on any busy marketplace, especially when you have to focus on making your products. We can partner with you. We can help keep watch and let you know when we find others who are ignoring MAP requirements.

After more than 50 years in a number of businesses, we aren’t shy about bragging that we’re experts in excellent customer service. From a “Wet Wipe” in the box lunch to getting a critical $1,000,000 contract signed on time, we’ve made customer service an art. It is a key corporate value. We’ve earned sparkling compliments for over-delivering and exceeding expectations on both performance and quality. Our five-star ratings and 100% positive customer feedback prove that. To get that feedback, we listen well and solve problems quickly and fully when they arise.