I Need Another Amazon Seller Like I Want a Migraine Headache!



Check your email and you can bet there are more requests to sell your popular products on Amazon. In the perfect world, that should be a good thing, customers just clamoring to buy your product, right? In reality however, there probably is a very different scenario.

Here is how your experience may look. Sellers contact you to purchase your product to sell on the world’s biggest marketplace. Initially that may seem exciting. But and yes, we all know that is always a but. Sales start rolling in and you smile all the way to the bank.

Then one day, you get a phone call from a long time loyal brick and mortar customer who is red hot. The sales for their inventory for your product have dried up. They have money invested in a product that is now sitting on their shelves collecting dust. It is so confusing since it previously sold very well. Then they go online and see the same product selling on Amazon for considerably less than the price they agreed to sell it for. Worse yet, they can’t afford to match¬†that price and still make the profit they need.

And so the nightmare begins. Are you still with me, sound familiar? We know, we hear this all the time. You got each seller to sign a MAP agreement, yet it seems very few sellers honor that agreement. The flood gates are open, and stopping it seems like an impossible task. Some companies try the” finger in the dyke” approach. Your automatic reply to all new request says something like we are not approving any new Amazon sellers. Well, we all know how well that works. The sellers already buying products from you and breaking MAP will just continue to do so.

The problem has already begun and cleaning up the mess is going to take time. First of all, you need to contact each and every MAP seller violating MAP and tell them to honor the MAP price or you will not sell to them again. The problem is many AZ sellers use re-pricers and although they may manually change the price temporarily, they may automatically go back to meet the buy box and break MAP again. Monitoring it can be a huge time commitment.

I did say it will take time. You have several other options. You can scrap the entire plan to sell on Amazon and only sell to brick and mortar stores. Unfortunately that will have a negative impact on your bottom line. The other solution is to work with one or two sellers exclusively. That should end the race to the bottom. Just make sure the sellers you pick are going to truly be partners with you to do all that can be done to promote your product. We would love to talk about how our team does that for valued vendors.


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